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Armpits waxing in a beauty salon

One procedure of armpits depilation helps to forget about the unwanted hair for up to 4 weeks.

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Specific thing about armpits depilation

Waxing armpits is quite a complicated procedure, because the skin underarms are tender and sensitive because of the large concentration of sweat glands. An improper depilation can cause irritation and even trauma to the upper layer of skin. It is very important to trust this procedure to professionals who will do the procedure correctly.

Prices underarm waxing

Armpits 20AED

The procedure takes place in several stages: before waxing the skin is treated with antiseptic and powdered with talc, the surface must be dry. Then the wax is applied to the treated skin and a strip of paper or cloth is applied. With a sudden movement, the strip is torn off together with the wax and hair. The remaining wax cannot be washed off - it is removed with a special oil.