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Massage in a beauty salon in Dubai

Hand Massage - allows you to fully relax and enjoy a pleasant experience, thanks to the skilled work of experienced masseurs of the beauty salon «Sugar»


Our beauty salon offers a wide range of popular manual massages including classic full body massage, anti-cellulite massage, back massage, neck and collarbone massage, lymphatic drainage massage, megasculptor and fat inhibitor. In our salon you can enjoy a professional massage to help you relax and improve the condition of your body and skin. Our specialists have extensive experience in massage therapy to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Service Price (master / top master)
Cervical-collar zone50AED (15 minutes)/60AED (15 minutes)
Back massage100AED (30 minutes)/120AED (30 minutes)
Foot massage100AED (30 minutes)/120AED (30 minutes)
Classic general massage200AED (60 minutes)/240AED (60 minutes)
Classic general massage300AED (90 minutes)/350AED (90 minutes)
Anti-cellulite massage200AED (60 minutes)/200AED (45 minutes)/200AED (45 minutes)
Lymphatic drainage massage200AED (60 minutes)/240AED (60 minutes)
Lymphatic drainage massage300AED (90 minutes)/350AED (90 minutes)
Brazilian ass250AED (45 minutes)/300AED (45 minutes)
Manual liposuction200AED (30 minutes)/240AED (30 minutes)
Sculptural body lift550AED (120 minutes)
Annual pass Price (master / top master)
Back massage (5/10) 540/960AED
Classic general massage (5/10) 1080/1920AED
Anti-cellulite massage (5/10) 1080/1920AED

In addition, you will enjoy pleasant relaxing music, light pleasant aroma, dim lighting, you can enjoy aromatic herbal tea or refreshing lemonade of your choice.

Our masseurs have medical education, which is very important for all the above mentioned procedures. Every six months our masseurs receive advanced training, attend thematic seminars and trainings.