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Legs sugaring in the beauty salon

Women's legs are undeniably admired by men. This is the first place where the eye falls when you are wearing a skirt, shorts or a short dress. Therefore, your legs just have to be perfect.

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How long does the effect of legs sugaring procedure last

The effect lasts 2-4 weeks. With regular procedures, the number of hairs decreases, they become softer and weaker.

Prices full legs sugaring

Legs to knees 60AED
Legs above knees 60AED
Legs completely 120AED

How is legs sugaring performed

For optimal results, the length of the hairs should be at least 5 millimeters. The surface of the skin is treated with antiseptics. Then the specialist applies sugar paste against hair growth. It envelops and securely captures the hairs. With rolling movements, the specialist removes the paste according to hair growth.

In this way, the entire surface of the legs is processed, and the skin becomes perfectly smooth. Legs sugaring is not a painful procedure. The skin of the legs is less sensitive then bikini area or underarms. The pain sensation is short and becomes less pronounced with each subsequent procedure.