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Eyelash Care at the salon

We offer you modern salon treatments that will help to make your eyes unforgettable without harm to natural lashes.

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Which eyelashes do we consider perfect? Long, fabulously curled, rich in dark shade. They will make your eyes more "open", passionate and alluring. Of course, mascara will help to achieve a good result. However, after a few hours it will begin to flake, and it must be thoroughly washed off each time with the help of a special solution.


Eyelash tinting 30AED
Eyelash lamination sigma 120AED
Eyelash lamination inlei 150AED
Eyelash velvet treatment 200AED
1d eyelash extension (eye edge) 100AED
1d eyelash extension 160AED
1,5d eyelash extension 190AED
2d eyelash extension 210AED
3d eyelash extension 240AED
4d, 5d eyelash extension 280AED
6-10d eyelash extension 330AED
Eyelash effects: (wet lash look, kylee lash, colored lash) 20AED
Correction 70% OF THE PRICE
Eyelash extension removal 30AED
*To the cost of + 5%


Eyelash treatments at «Sugar» beauty salon

Eyelash extension is a popular procedure, which consists in gluing an artificial eyelash to a natural one. The results of the procedure will stay for about a month.

Eyelash coloring is a procedure that can also save your time on the daily use of mascara. The rich color emphasizes the shape of the eyes, making the look more expressive.

Eyelash lamination is a modern alternative to extension. The special composition contains keratins, which make the lashes thicker, stronger and longer.

Professional eyelash care benefits

  • Eyelashes become rich in shade
  • There is no need to touch up the eyelashes with mascara every day
  • Procedures are safe for eyelashes, do not cause them to fall out
  • Eyelashes are given a beautiful curl, which is impossible to achieve at home
  • Professional eyelash care products are used
  • Our specialist’s experience is the key to an excellent result. Lashes will be symmetrical, natural and beautiful