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Velvet eyelashes and eyebrows at the salon

The technique gives a fabulous look to eyebrows and eyelashes, and also restores natural hairs at the cellular level.

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Velvet is a magnificent transformation of eyelashes and eyebrows at the molecular level. After the procedure at the salon absolutely every client is given a special composition for home use.


Eyebrow velvet treatment 200AED
Eyelash velvet treatment 200AED


Effect duration

  • Eyelash curl — up to 3 months;
  • Color, length, lush and thickness of eyelashes — up to 2 months;
  • Natural eyelashes are renewed after 1,5-2,5 months, so the hair extensions look great all this time;

The magnificent effect of the transformation is achieved by reconstruction of the structure of the eyelashes, which is made in 4 steps:

  • Aesthetic effect (eyelashes become shiny, long, gets more volume and amazing curl, become rich in color);
  • Rejuvenation and stimulation of eyelash follicles (with the help of a growth activator);
  • Nourishing the root of each eyelash with useful components at the cellular level (a special composition seals and nourishes the eyelash hair with amino keratin);

Additional stimulation of the growth and lengthening of eyelashes (they become thicker by 2 times and longer by 30-40%.

The effect is achieved through the use of a special composition at home, which is given to the client after Velvet and contains a special complex with various oils).