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Waxing in a beauty salon

Smooth and silky skin without a single hair wants every girl. To remove unwanted hair and have a truly flawless skin, often resort to waxing.

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After this procedure, you can forget about the annoying hair for a month. In just a few sessions, a third of the hair disappears forever. The follicles weaken, which contributes to further hair loss. They become thin and lose their pigment, which causes the rapid bleaching. As a result, the hair on the skin becomes light and inconspicuous.


Full body waxing(armpits, deep bikini, legs completely) 175AED
Facial area FROM 10AED
Face completely 40AED
Armpits 15AED
Basic bikini 40AED
Deep bikini 80AED
Legs to knees 40AED
Legs above knees 40AED
Legs completely 80AED
Knees 10AED
Arms to elbows 20AED
Arms completely 40AED
Shoulders 10AED
Buttocks, belly, back, chest (the price for one zone) 20AED
Belly line 10AED
Hands, fingers, areolas (the price for one zone) 5AED


Benefits of waxing in a beauty salon

Cosmetologists in our salon work with proven brands only. Thus, the waxing compositions ARAVIA Professional and BEAUTY IMAGE have long shown themselves on the upside. Their composition includes moisturizers, which prevent the loss of moisture and increase the water content of the skin. Besides, the hair removal system contains natural essential oils that create a great environment for relaxation.

The depilation with hot wax is carried out on different parts of the body: on arms, legs, face, armpits, deep bikini zone and other problem areas. The cost of the procedure depends on the area of the skin that needs the hair removal.