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Machine manicure in the beauty salon

A manicure method in which dry keratinized skin is removed by a special device – the cutter using various nozzles.

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Healthy areas of the skin are not damaged. This type of manicure is effective and safe, not traumatic, because cutting and sharp tools are not used during this procedure.

Prices machine manicure

SERVICEPRICE (master / top master)
Manicure (classic, european, hardware) 60/80AED

How machine manicure is done

Machine manicure guarantees sterility and eliminates the possibility of infection, which is the main criterion for choosing by clients. The procedure itself does not require special preparation, the manicure is performed on a dry skin surface.

Various nozzles are used, which are selected individually for each client, depending on the condition of the nails, their thickness and other features. The specialist models the shape of the nail plates, gently exfoliates the cuticle and keratinized skin areas. At the end of the procedure, any decorative coating of your choice can be applied.

Differences from classic, combined and Japanese manicure:

Classic manicure – hands are soaked in a bath with warm water for about 10 minutes. Nail specialist use scissors or nail clippers.

Combined manicure is an effective manicure method that combines several techniques, and is complemented by SPA care.

Japanese manicure is primarily aimed at the treatment and improvement of the nail plate, natural remedies are used: extracts, wax, oils.