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Hardware pedicure in a beauty salon

A hardware pedicure is a mechanical procedure for taking care of toe nails as well as the foot skin.

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The main difference between hardware pedicure and classic pedicure is that it does not use water and skin softening agents - everything is done by the machine.

Prices hardware pedicure

SERVICEPRICE (master / top master)
Pedicure hardware 90/110AED

Hardware pedicure: description of the procedure

A pedicure involves a number of steps that our masters make sure to follow:

  1. Preparatory. The master disinfects the skin on the area of application to avoid infection. If there is nail polish on the nails, it is removed by special solutions or hardware method.
  2. The skin is softened with a special agent. In just 10 minutes, the skin becomes spongy and ready for treatment.
  3. Using a machine with different nozzles, dead cells are removed. Next, the master uses clippers to shape the nail bed, i.e. to correct the length. The feet and cuticle are treated.
  4. Polishing the nails. At the end of the procedure, the customer receives a light foot massage, with which the master rubs oil into the skin. A nail polish is applied to nails.

Advantages of hardware pedicure in a beauty salon

  1. Hardware pedicure is not traumatic and does not require prior softening of the skin.
  2. The treatment of nails is done after preliminary cleaning with a special cleaner. That is why there is no possibility of infection.
  3. The hardware method allows treatment of the most hard-to-reach areas, such as the area between the toes.
  4. Soft sanding, which is used in hardware pedicure, allows you to achieve an effect in which the skin grows much slower and softer.

Procedure safety

We strictly observe the sanitary-hygienic regime. The rooms of the salon are cleaned with open-type quarts treatment and disinfected with special compositions. They have antibacterial, antifungal properties. Reusable tools are sterilized with special equipment. This allows complete eliminating the risk of infection and development of microbial inflammations. If possible, we use disposable tools and materials in individual sterile bags. The package is opened before the customer. You can be sure of the quality and safety of services provided in «Sugar» beauty salon.

Who are the people the hardware pedicure is the option for?

A hardware pedicure is a great solution for any occasion. This procedure is especially relevant for girls with problematic nails, keratinized and dry skin. Nozzles can easily cope even with rapidly growing cuticles. The master will gently and carefully remove all imperfections with the machine. In the course of hardware pedicure there is no risk of infection and skin damage, and therefore the procedure is recommended for patients with diabetes.