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Hair stylist at the beauty salon

Women always want to maintain their appearance in perfect condition, and professional stylists help them in this.

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However, women sometimes want to change even the most constant of their beauty habits. And in this case, it is better to entrust the change of image to a true professional. Unlike an ordinary hairdresser, a stylist will create a complete image for you, following your style and latest fashion trends.

SERVICEPRICE (master / top-master)
«express» blowout 100/120AED
«express» image 200/240AED
Evening look 350/400AED
Wedding look (without trial) 450/500AED
Wedding look (with trial) 650/700AED
Cocktail look 300/350AED
Surf curls 100-200/120-250AED
Hollywood wave 150-250/180-300AED
Afrokudri 200-300/250-350AED
Haircut for women (express haircut) 100/130AED
Haircut for kids (under 7 years) 50/60AED
Hot razor haircut 200/250AED
Trimming (single cut) 50/60AED
Scalp wash with drying 50-100/60-120AED
Bangs cut 30/40AED
Styling (wash + agents) 100-200/120-250AED
Evening hair style 200-350/250-400AED
Scalp massage 15 minutes 30/30AED
If you have long and thick hair, it is possible to pay extra service 50-100AED *TO THE COST OF + 5%
Hair extensions 500-1000AED
Hair correccia 600-1000AED
Hair removal 100-200AED
*The price does not include hair, check the current prices with the administrator

Our stylists have been professionally trained, and therefore follow the latest fashion industry and are ready to offer our customers the most effective methods of hair care, the most fashionable haircuts and styling.

Be sure that all new trends will be fully customized to the individual characteristics of your appearance.