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Cosmetic facial massage

Facial massage is one of the most relaxing, enjoyable, and at the same time necessary procedures for maintaining the tone of the skin, its health, beautiful appearance, and youth in general.

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This procedure seems to roll back the years, making the face younger and fresher. It gives a person pleasant tactile sensations that calm the person, plunge into complete relaxation, give an emotional charge and a flow of life energy.


SERVICEPRICE (master / top master)
Classic face massage 90/100AED
Lymphatic drainage face massage 120/140AED
Buccal face massage 160/180AED


Types of massage in cosmetology:

  • Hygienic - to normalize blood circulation in tissues, which contributes to increased elasticity of the skin, improved skin color;
  • Preventive - to normalize the functioning of tissues. The procedure is usually carried out with the help of auxiliary means, such as ice;
  • Healing - helps to combat clearly expressed deficiencies, is used in conjunction with other cosmetological procedures;
  • Plastic - for active combat of aesthetic problems.

Additional properties

Massage has almost no contraindications. Experienced beauty salon cosmetologists professionally combine various types of massage with other procedures to achieve the best rejuvenation effect.

With the help of a complex of procedures, it is possible to reduce the number and size of facial wrinkles, get rid of edema syndrome, general tension and other deficiencies.

Facial massage is carried out in several sessions, the tangible result becomes visible after the second or third procedure. Beauty salon cosmetologists can also recommend the use of peels or masks for the face.