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Spa hand care with Nogturne at the beauty salon

Nogturne Care is a complex of wellness and rejuvenating hand treatments aimed at cleansing, moisturizing and intensive nutrition of the skin.

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This procedure is especially necessary in winter, because at this time the hands are subject to frequent and abrupt temperature changes, which makes them dry and sensitive. After the procedure, the skin of the hands becomes soft and velvety, its structure is restored, hands look healthy and well-groomed, the aging process slows down.

Prices spa hand care nogturne

SERVICEPRICE (master / top master)
Hand spa treatment nogturne 30/30AED

Features of Nocturne Spa Hand Care

Sugar scrub exfoliates the keratinized layer of skin cells. The scrub includes only biologically pure products: sugar, lemon macerate, flax seed oil, camelina seed oil, beeswax, vitamins A and E.

The cream mask nourishes and restores the skin of the hands, and also increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin. The mask includes: beeswax, vitamins and organic oil. Please pay attention! During this Spa-care, our nail specialist will use a fingerless glove, so it can be done during the manicure process.