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Facial sugaring in the beauty salon

Sugaring is significantly different from other methods of facial hair removal. The paste does not burn the delicate skin, remains soft, and the hairs do not grow in.

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Facial sugaring allows to eliminate all unwanted hairs. The cause of their appearance may be hormonal disorders or a hereditary factor. The procedure helps to achieve an aesthetic result, while maintaining the smoothness and silky texture of the skin. Most often it is necessary to remove small tendrils, hairs in the temples, cheeks or chin.

Prices full face sugaring

Facial area FROM 15AED
Face completely 50AED

Advantages of facial sugaring

Firstly, sugaring has a prolonged effect — the skin remains smooth for 2-3 weeks.

Secondly, the structure of the hairs is noticeably changing. Their number and growth rate are decreasing. After shaving with a razor, the hairs become stiff and darker. After sugaring, they become soft and look like fluffy hair.

Thirdly, the procedure of sugaring on the face takes only a few minutes. Of course, painful sensations may be present during hair removal. They are quite intense during the first procedure, then they weaken. In addition, the pain lasts literally seconds, then instantly subsides. The experience of our specialists allows us to make the sugaring procedure as fast and comfortable as possible.

Our specialists use only sterile or disposable tools, antiseptics, quartz treatment is carried out in the areas of the salon.