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Nail service in the beauty salon

Beautiful and neat nail design helps to diversify your image, make it individual and stylish.

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Nail specialists of the Sugar beauty salon will take care of the health and beauty of your hands and feet, solve the problems of dry skin, cracks, burrs, ingrown and brittle nails. We will create a bright, finished image for you with a large palette of nail and gel polishes of premium brands.

SERVICEPRICE (master / top master)
MANICURE see all prices
Manicure (classic, european, hardware) 60/80AED
Japanese manicure 90/110AED
Kids manicure 30/40AED
PEDICURE see all prices
Finger processing 60/70AED
Feet processing 60/70AED
Pedicure (classic, hardware, smart pedicure) 90/110AED
Nail polish coating 20/25AED
Gel polish 60/70AED
Gel polish luxio 80/90AED
NAIL EXTENTION see all prices
Strenghtening nails with acrylic powder 30/30AED
Strenghtening nails with gel 150/170AED
Nail extension* (any design) 200/250AED

Nail service includes:

  • Following the rules on asepsis and antiseptics, sterilisation of all used instruments;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Continuous tracking of fashion trends, introduction of new technologies and equipment upgrades;
  • A variety of services distinguished by their accessibility and democratic prices;
  • The ability to combine several services in order to save the client's time.

Many years of professional experience of leading manicure and pedicure specialists.