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Hairstyles and styling at the beauty salon

A solemn event always requires an appropriate appearance: special makeup and styling.

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Especially for such cases, the stylists of Sugar beauty salon offer clients the service of creating an evening look and evening hairstyle.


SERVICEPRICE (master / top-master)
«express» blowout 100/120AED
«express» image 200/240AED
Evening look 350/400AED
Wedding look (without trial) 450/500AED
Wedding look (with trial) 650/700AED
Cocktail look 300/350AED
Surf curls 100-200/120-250AED
Hollywood wave 150-250/180-300AED
Afrokudri 200-300/250-350AED
*To the cost of + 5%


The choice of hairstyle largely depends on the event and the dress code. The most popular style, even for special events, remains the classic, which involves neat curls styled in a special way, often with the accessories.

Creating a look for the special occasions

Our salon employs the best specialists in Dubai, who are ready to perform a hairstyle on short, medium and long hair. If you contact us to prepare for a special event, we will be able to offer you the most gorgeous look for the bride, handsome for the groom, fabulous for the birthday celebration and stylish for anyone who wants to look perfect.

Express look

There is not always enough time and effort to create the perfect image for some event or party. In this case, you will be able to get an express look from our stylists. It includes the selection of the perfect look, created in just 40 minutes: styling and makeup.