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Professional makeup in the «Sugar» salon

Good makeup is an art that comes to life only in the hands of
a person with artistic taste.

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Everyone wants to look beautiful and spectacular, to hide flaws and emphasize their strengths. Any woman can do everyday makeup, but not everyone knows the secrets of a successful makeup.

It is important to use cosmetics correctly: know how to apply eye shadow, paint eyelashes, lips, while correctly selecting the shades of colors to create different looks depending on the situation.

SERVICEPRICE (master / top master)
«Express» makeup 100/120AED
Evening makeup 200/240AED
Complex makeup 250/300AED
Wedding makeup (without trial) 250/300AED
Wedding makeup (with trial) 350/400AED
Eyelash clumps 50-100/50-100AED
Cocktail makeup 150/180AED

Salon «Sugar» offers its customers the following types of makeup:

  • express makeup;
  • evening makeup;
  • natural day makeup

We should also mention the express makeup, which allows you to save time and always look at your best. Specialists of our salon have a special technique for applying makeup, which accelerates the speed of the procedure. It will take no more than half an hour, but your face will look fresh and irresistible during the whole day.

Only a professional can perfect your look and turn an ordinary woman into a real beauty. We always follow the latest fashion trends, so we know such techniques as hi-lighting, strobing and contouring.

Entrust your face to the make-up artists of «Sugar» salon, they will take into account all your wishes and skillfully create a flawless image, emphasizing your natural beauty. And a pleasant price for their services will make you happy with the same quality results. Delight others and be irresistible!