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Sugaring with fruit sugar in the beauty salon

A distinctive feature of fruit sugaring is pleasant sensations and aroma.

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Advantages of fruit sugaring:

  • Has a special pleasant smell;
  • Reduces skin irritation;
  • The procedure is done faster than depilation using ordinary sugar.

Prices sugaring with fruit sugar

Full body waxing(armpits, deep bikini, legs completely) 210AED
Facial area FROM 15AED
Face completely 50AED
Armpits 20AED
Basic bikini 45AED
Deep bikini 90AED
Legs to knees 50AED
Legs above knees 50AED
Legs completely 100AED
Knees 15AED
Arms to elbows 30AED
Arms completely 60AED
Shoulders 15AED
Buttocks, belly, back, chest (the price for one zone) 30AED
Belly line 15AED
Hands, fingers, areolas (the price for one zone) 10AED