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Keratin hair restoring (straightening)

Keratin Hair Restoring is a hair care procedure that gives hair smoothness, density and shine by nourishing it with a special composition with keratin.

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Keratin is the main structural component of the hair. Frequent dyeing, perm damage the hair cuticle, keratin is destroyed, so the strands become dry, brittle, dull.

Keratin restoring is designed to fill and restore the hair - this is a kind of cosmetic hair repair. Keratin restoration is a very intensive treatment for damaged hair.

Prices keratin hair treatment


Indications and contraindications

A nourishing procedure is necessary for those whose hair is subjected to traumatic and aggressive influences: discoloration, perming, straightening. Also, keratin care will benefit highlighted strands or hair that is very porous by nature.

In addition to possible individual intolerance to the components, there are no contraindications to the procedure.

It should not be done by those whose hair does not need restoration, does not lack its own keratin, and has a good dense cuticle. If you apply keratin for the wrong purpose, the hair can become very stiff, brittle, like glass.

Only the cost of the procedure depends on the length of the hair — a client with short hair keratin restoration will cost less than the owner of long hair.

The effect of the treatment

Keratin literally transforms the hair, they become and looks healthy, as well as:

  • become pleasant to the touch, more lively and dense;
  • shine;
  • hair color become more deep due to moisture;
  • you can style your hair easier;
  • they keep their shape better;
  • less electrified;
  • due to a slight thickening, they look thicker.