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Japanese manicure in the beauty salon

Japanese manicure is an ideal healing procedure for owners of thin, fragile nails, prone to delamination.

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The Japanese manicure procedure is suitable for women and men. Its purpose is to "seal" the nail plates, giving them a natural shine, aesthetic and healthy appearance.

This type of manicure is aimed at the treatment and improvement of the nail plate, natural remedies are used: extracts, wax, oils. No aggressive substances or synthetic components are used.

Prices japanese manicure

SERVICEPRICE (master / top master)
Japanese manicure 90/110AED

How Japanese manicure is done

The skin of the hands and nail plates are disinfected. A cuticle softener is applied. With the help of a special file-polisher, the specialist removes the thinnest protective layer from the surface of the nail plate. A special paste is applied, which includes keratins and special vitamins — a kind of "building material" for our nails. The paste is applied using a suede polisher, fills micropores, makes nails beautiful and healthy. The final touch is polishing with powder, which includes natural wax. It gives the nails shine and a complete, well-groomed appearance.

Advantages of Japanese manicure

  1. Nails are restored, become stronger and smoother;
  2. The nail plate acquires a natural shine and a healthy appearance;
  3. Any coating holds better on the nail plate;
  4. Attractive cost of the procedure;
  5. The effect lasts up to 3 weeks.

Difference from classic, machine and combined manicure

Classic manicure - hands are soaked in a warm bath with water for about 10 minutes, the nail specialist uses scissors or cutters.

Machine manicure involves the use of a special device – a cutter with various nozzles.

Combined manicure is an effective manicure method that combines several techniques, and is complemented by SPA care.