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Underarm sugaring in the beauty salon

Smooth underarm skin is something every woman should take care of. Especially in hot countries where the main clothes are T—shirts, sleeveless tops, light sundresses.

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In addition, underarm hairs are not very hygienic: microorganisms that cause the smell of sweat feel great on the hairs.

Prices underarm sugaring

Armpits 20AED

Sugaring underarm features

There are nuances that can complicate hair removal in this delicate area:

  • The area has several directions of hair growth. Therefore, manual hair removal technique is most preferable. Bandage technique is also acceptable, but it is fraught with ingrowth of hairs and increased pain.
  • High sensitivity. Underarms are a very delicate place with thin, irritated skin. Observing the correct shugaring technique helps to reduce the manifestation of unpleasant sensations, and hygiene helps to eliminate irritation.
  • Increased sweating in this area is the main cause of inflammation. You should be prepared for the fact that the amount of moisture will increase significantly after the procedure.

The effect after underarm sugaring procedure will last for several weeks. Such a result cannot be achieved when using "home" methods – a razor or depilation cream.

In the «Sugar» beauty salon, aseptic and antiseptic measures are strictly observed. The skin is treated with a disinfectant before the procedure.