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Peeling in a beauty salon

To preserve the beauty and youth of the face, it is necessary to regularly perform a peeling - a procedure that promotes the detachment of peeling skin particles.

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The peeling technology is also strictly individualized depending on the condition of the skin, age, and sensitivity. For the correction of such problems as mimic wrinkles, injections may be required.


SERVICEPRICE (master / top master)
Almond peeling 150/170AED
Pyruvic acid peeling 150/170AED
Salicylic peeling 180/200AED
Prx-t33 300/330AED
Biorepeel 300/330AED
Carbon peeling 300/330AED
Peeling dsa white 300/330AED
Peeling dsa black 300/330AED
After sun treatment 150/180AED


Cosmetologists in our salon use innovative techniques and proven preparations, procedures are carried out in accordance with sterilization and maximum comfort for clients. Any cosmetic procedure will bring not only the result of rejuvenation and skin revitalization, but also allow you to enjoy and care from professional care.

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Peels are divided into two groups:

  • Mechanical
  • Chemical

Mechanical peels are based on the action of small particles that remove the stratum corneum, stimulating the regeneration of the skin. Chemical peels are based on the action of various chemicals that cause a controlled burn of the skin.

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