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SKIN’S polymeric waxing

This is a revolution in the wax method of removing unwanted hair.

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This type of depilation has several advantages, the main of which is an increase in depilation speed by 1.5-2 times.

There are always innovations in the beauty industry that allow you to get rid of unwanted hair. Skin`s depilation is one of the recent discoveries. This treatment can only be performed using products by SKIN'S brand. There are no comparable products in the market.


Full body waxing(armpits, deep bikini, legs completely) 370AED
Facial area FROM 25AED
Face completely 100AED
Armpits 40AED
Basic bikini 80AED
Deep bikini 170AED
Legs to knees 100AED
Legs above knees 100AED
Legs completely 200AED
Knees 25AED
Arms to elbows 70AED
Arms completely 120AED
Shoulders 30AED
Buttocks, belly, back, chest (the price for one zone) 40AED
Hands, fingers, areolas,belly line (the price for one zone) 20AED
Belly line 25AED
Nose, ears (the price for one zone) 25AED


The treatment's advantages:

  • application temperature of the material - 43 ° C
  • it removes super-short hair (from 2 mm)
  • large coverage area
  • premium materials
  • minimal pain
  • 99% no ingrown hairs
  • no irritation after treatment
  • no restrictions after treatment