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Nail design in Dubai

Coating with gel varnish is rarely without design. It can be restrained and elegant or bright and fairy, graphic or classic like French manicure.

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Combining several design elements can create a completely unusual and interesting variant. The choice of designs is very large, sequins, comifubuki, rhinestones, glitters, glitter, pigments, foil, stamping, sliders, etc.


Sequins 2AED
French 25AED
Moon nail art 30AED
Slider glitter 5AED
Luxio 10AED
Pigment powder techniques 5-30AED
Hand painted nail art 5-15AED
*To the cost of + 5%

Complex design and color

Our masters are ready to fulfill your wishes of almost any complexity, a very large selection of sliders can easily replace the manual art painting, but if you want a hand drawing, it is also feasible. Our masters undergo constant training so all the latest innovations in the field of manicure are presented in their arsenal.

Personalized nail design

Perhaps you want to make all the nails of different colors or transparent wells, or maybe all together, for design there are no limits to fantasy, design under the marble or mischievous Mickey Mouse, by the way Mickey remains one of the most popular characters for nail design. Or maybe you want to write a message in the form of text on your nails, for this there are ready-made sliders or the text can be written by hand.

When choosing a design do not forget about the initial data - it is the length and shape of the nails, so on very short nails complex designs or painting can visually make them even shorter, and elongated graphic lines will help to correct the shape, if you have long nails, the "canvas" for work allows you to make absolutely any design. Everyone's favorite gradient (stretch of several colors) is also better to do, having sufficient length of the nail plate, as this design requires space for the spread of the brush.