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Full body waxing in a beauty salon

Body waxing is a reliable and proven way to remove all unwanted hair on the body.

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Its essence is to apply a special composition based on wax, which tightly envelops the hair and when removed from the skin removes them along with the root. After this procedure your body is cleared of unwanted hair for 2-3, and in some cases up to 5 weeks!

Prices body waxing

Full body waxing(armpits, deep bikini, legs completely) 175AED

Body waxing technique:

  1. Preparation for the procedure: the skin is treated with a special agent;
  2. The wax mixture heated to body temperature is applied to the treatment area with a special spatula or roller nozzle.
  3. The warm wax is covered with strips of cloth and quickly pulled away from the body against the hair growth.
  4. The remain wax is removed. Soothing oil or cream is applied to the skin.
  5. Professional products for leg waxing allow you to achieve excellent results.