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Long lasting durable coating

The most popular of the long-term coatings has long been gel nail polish - a set of compositions alternately polymerizing in the lamp to create a durable coating on your nails.

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With the advent of this system, girls have forgotten what regular nail polish is and how it dries for hours for fear of hurting and spoiling. The gel dries instantly and after the procedure, you can immediately go about your usual business.


SERVICEPRICE (master / top-master)
Nail polish coating 20/25AED
Gel polish 60/70AED
Gel polish luxio 80/90AED
Reflective gel polish 80/90AED
Color base 80/90AED
Gel polish removal 20/20AED
Nail polish removal 5/5AED
Therapeutic coating trind 30/30AED
Strengthening nails ibx 50/50AED

Care recommendations for the nail coating

The wearing period of nail coatings is different for everyone, it depends on the nail plate and the type of activity, the more mechanical or chemical effects on the coating, the less long it lasts, but usually it is not less than two weeks. Recommend refreshing gel nail polish for a new one in 2-3 weeks, this is due to the composition and regrowth of the nail, by covering the nail becomes thicker, and with the regrowth pressure is shifted to the free edge, which is fraught with a breakage of the nail.

Follow these tips and your nails will always be beautiful and healthy, even after removal nail polish coating.

In addition to the basic gel nail polishes, we expand our palette with trendy new products from other brands, always focused on the needs of our customers.

Warranty on the procedure

Guarantee 7 days

For this procedure beauty salon «Sugar» provides a guarantee for 7 days. If during this time you notice significant flaws in the work performed, we will redo everything absolutely free of charge.