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Polymer depilation with wax in a beauty salon

The technique of polymer waxing is fundamentally different from working with regular wax.

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This wax can be easily applied in different directions - both along the hairline, and against, and after the procedure the skin does not remain sticky.


Full body waxing(armpits, deep bikini, legs completely) 250AED
Facial area FROM 20AED
Face completely 80AED
Armpits 30AED
Basic bikini 50AED
Deep bikini 100AED
Legs to knees 60AED
Legs above knees 60AED
Legs completely 120AED
Knees 20AED
Arms to elbows 40AED
Arms completely 80AED
Shoulders 20AED
Buttocks, belly, back, chest (the price for one zone) 30AED
Hands, fingers, areolas (the price for one zone) 15AED
Belly line 20AED
Nose, ears (the price for one zone) 20AED


The advantages of polymer depilation:

  • Smoothness of the skin for 8 weeks.
  • No need to grow hairs to a certain length. They can be removed even the day after shaving.
  • The treatment does not irritate the skin, is completely painless and hypoallergenic. Skin's is suitable even for sensitive skin types.
  • Unwanted hair can be removed from large areas of the body in one step.
  • Possibility to remove downy and even ingrown hairs.
  • Pleasant body odour after the treatment.

The difference between polymer wax and regular wax

  • Polymer wax grips the hair, not the skin. Therefore, its removal is not accompanied by painful feelings.
  • Low melting temperature, which eliminates the possibility of burns. Polymeric wax heats up to the optimum temperature for humans 36-37 ° C, while the usual - up to 50-60 ° C.
  • It is suitable for removing all types and lengths of hair, including down and bristly hair.
  • The area to be treated is not limited. Polymers are suitable for depilation of all areas, even large.