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Golden trace pedicure

Golden Trace pedicure is an innovative approach to foot skin care using a complex of preparations and a multi-step skin care technique.

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Golden Trace pedicure has a prolonged effect. It is enough to do it once a month to keep your feet smooth and free of corns.

Prices golden trace pedicure

SERVICEPRICE (master / top master)
Golden trace pedicure 150/170AED

Pedicure Golden Trace: description of the procedure

Golden Trace brand products appeared on the modern market relatively recently, but have already received many rave reviews from professionals. Means combine gentle care and preventive effect on the skin of feet.

Their application is not accompanied by dry treatment and is characterized by a softer, more comfortable and nice effect.

Golden Trace pedicure includes a number of steps that our masters make sure to follow:

  1. Micellar cleansing. The solution with suspended micelles, getting on the skin, "collects" dirt and grease without damaging the epidermis at all. Hence the skin of the feet becomes moisturized and well-groomed. It has antiseptic and antibacterial effects.
  2. Two-phase enzymatic peeling. Softens, lightens, moisturizes and refreshes the skin of the feet due to the presence of papain and lactic acid.
  3. Exfoliation.
  4. Nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

Advantages of Golden Trace pedicure in a beauty salon

Golden Trace pedicure will help to solve problems:

  1. Excessive foot sweat.
  2. The tendency to corns.
  3. Hyperkeratosis.
  4. Ingrown nails.
  5. Deep cracks and wounds.

Who are the people Golden Trace pedicure is the option for?

Many people want to have perfectly groomed smooth feet without various defects and unevenness. But not everyone likes the feeling of a classic pedicure or other similar procedures.

This is especially true for those with sufficiently sensitive skin of the feet. In this case, an effective solution will be a pedicure Golden Trace, which contains a lot of natural nutrients, which fully allows you to define the procedure as gentle and delicate, aimed at the recovery and enrichment of the skin and nails.