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Classic manicure in the beauty salon

When performing a classic manicure, your hands are soaked in a warm bath with water for about 10 minutes.

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This softens the roughened areas of the skin at the base of the nail and around it, acts on the skin of the hands as a SPA procedure. If desired, the nail specialist adds sea salt to the water.

If you have an old coating on your nails, the specialist will remove it first and shape the nails, and then soak them.

Prices classic manicure

Manicure (classic, european, hardware) 50AED
Japanese manicure 80AED
Kids manicure 30AED
Paraffin hand treatment 20AED
Hand spa treatment nogturne 30AED
Hand massage 15 minutes 25AED

Differences from combined, machine and Japanese manicure

Combined manicure is an effective manicure method that combines several techniques, and is complemented by SPA care.

In the machine method, a cutter is used, the skin around the nail is removed. As in the case of pruning with scissors, it takes a minimum of time, but can cause discomfort in the process. Japanese manicure is primarily aimed at the treatment and improvement of the nail plate, natural remedies are used: extracts, wax, oils.