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Absolute happiness for hair Lebel

Perhaps this is the most effective program for repairing and improving hair condition.

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The procedure promotes the regeneration of the hair structure, giving the hair shine, strength and elasticity, eliminating dryness and fragility of the hair.

Absolute happiness for hair Lebel is hair repair therapy, which gives visible great results after the first procedure. Hair that previously looked thin and lifeless will become shiny, healthy, smooth, firm and will get more volume.

Features of the treatment

Absolute happiness for hair is a multi—stage treatment that involves the sequential application of products from Lebel Cosmetics. This is a famous Japanese brand, which has proven itself with a large number of reviews all over the world. Lebel products do not contain aggressive chemical components. They are aimed at professional stylists, because they require proper proportions and consistency.

Indications for the treatment

  • dryness of the scalp, dandruff;
  • thinned and brittle hair;
  • excessive hair loss;
  • frequent hair coloring;
  • slow growth;
  • strong electrification.

Prices absolute happiness for hair lebel

Short 250AED
Medium 400AED
Long 500AED
Proedit lebel 150-300AED
Iau cell care lebel 150-300AED

Steps of the treatment at the salon

Experienced hair specialists at Sugar beauty salon choose the complex based on the length, type and nature of hair damage. For the client, this is a pleasant SPA ritual, during which you can relax, enjoy the sensations and dream. The treatment consists of 5 steps using 11 cosmetic products.

1. Cleansing and preparation

IAU Lycomint Cleansing Professional shampoo is used first, followed by Float Cleansing mousse. At the end of the preparation step, the hair specialist carefully combs the hair, separates it to strands and applies IAU Cell Care 1 moisturizing cream.

2. Application of activating serums

The specialist carefully works out the strands with the first serum, and then immediately, without washing off, proceeds to apply the next one. The first Proedit Care Works Serum C contains ceramides, they serve to prevent moisture loss. The following serum Proedit Care Works N contains amino acids, and has a deep moisturizing effect. After it, Proedit Care Works P protein serum is applied, which helps to thicken the hair.

3. Hair structure repair

Serum for hair Proedit Care Works Element Fix is responsible for repair at the molecular level. The product is not washed off, but, unlike the previous ones, it is kept under a cap for 5-15 minutes (hair specialist calculates the optimal duration). During this time, the product forms a thin protective layer on the surface of the hair, smoothing and enriching with nourishing oils.

4. Adding shine and elasticity

Spray serum IAU Cell Care 2 gives a healthy shine and elasticity, thickens the hair. The proteins in its composition stimulate growth. It is followed by intensive moisturizing creams IAU Cell Care 3M and IAU Cell Care 3S. These products shouldn’t not be washed off from hair.

5. Final step of the treatment

The final step is the IAU Cell Care 4 fix gel, which "seals" the valuable components of previous products in the hair structure. After carefully distributing the gel over the strands, the specialist washes off the excess and proceeds to styling.

For a long-term effect, a course of 4-7 procedures is required.

The optimal frequency is once every 10-14 days.

Healthy and well-groomed hair is the beauty and real happiness that everyone deserves.

Give it to yourself!