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Classic pedicure in a beauty salon

Classic pedicure is a treatment of the nails on the feet, including the use of cutting tools.

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Classic pedicure procedure involves not only decorative coating, but also modeling the shape of nail beds, removal of keratinized skin, and foot care. With a regular procedure, the skin of the feet will be smooth and soft.

Prices classic pedicure

SERVICEPRICE (master / top master)
Pedicure classic 90/110AED

Classic pedicure: description of the procedure

Classic pedicure includes a number of steps, which our masters make sure to follow:

  1. Preparatory. The master disinfects the skin on the area of application to avoid infection. If there is nail polish on the nails, it is removed by special solutions or hardware method.
  2. Steaming. Feet are immersed in a warm bath with the addition of medicinal oils and extracts for 15-20 minutes. During this time, the corns on the feet and cuticles soften, and the master can begin to work.
  3. Treatment of nails. Using nail clippers, the master gives the nails the desired shape and grinds with a nail file. The cuticle is moved with an orange stick and removed with nippers.
  4. Foot treatment. The master cleans the skin from corns with abrasive tools.
  5. Nail polish coating. In our rich color palette, you will definitely find the desired color.
  6. Nourishing and moisturizing application. With massaging movements, the master applies creams and lotions to nourish and moisturize the skin.

Advantages of classic pedicure in a beauty salon

  1. The neat, well-groomed appearance of nails;
  2. Removal of rough, keratinized skin;
  3. Care for problem skin of the feet;
  4. Stylish coatings to help keeping up with fashion trends
  5. We comply with sanitary and hygienic conditions. The rooms are treated with quartz and disinfected.