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Eyelash extensions

Beautiful, long curled eyelashes are a highlight in any female image, but not every woman is given naturally long eyelashes.

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Performing eyelash extension procedures, the specialist will be able to adjust the shape of the eyes as per your desire in order to give them depth and expressiveness.

Prices eyelash extensions

1d eyelash extension (eye edge) 100AED
1d eyelash extension 160AED
1,5d eyelash extension 190AED
2d eyelash extension 210AED
3d eyelash extension 240AED
4d, 5d eyelash extension 280AED
6-10d eyelash extension 330AED
Eyelash effects: (wet lash look, kylee lash, colored lash) 20AED

Types of eyelash extensions

Experienced eyelash specialists of Sugar beauty salon in Dubai with a great pleasure offer you eyelash extensions in several ways depending on your wishes.

If you prefer more natural appearance, we can offer:

  • 1D - one volume, one artificial lash is glued to one of yours.
  • 2D - classic version. The essence of the procedure is that the eyelash specialist attaches 2 artificial lashes to one of your own. The result looks natural, but much more expressive.
  • One and a half volume - the eyelash specialist extends one half of your lashes using a classical method: attaching one artificial lash to 1 of your own, and the second half of the eyelashes is extended using 2D eyelash extension in order to make them thicker.

If you have an important event or you prefer really lush eyelashes, then you may like:

  • 3D - this method of eyelash extension almost repeats the 2D option, except that the eyelash specialist attaches three artificial eyelashes to one of yours. The technology of performing 2D and 3D eyelash extensions is completely identical. The only difference is the result: your lashes will look more lush.
  • Hollywood volume – 5-7 artificial lashes to each of yours.

The extended eyelashes need correction after 2-3 weeks, after which you can enjoy them for another 2-3 weeks. We use one of the best companies for lash extension – Dolce Vita.