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Eyelash coloring

You don’t need to apply makeup daily, eyelash coloring at the beauty salon will help with this.

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With eyelash coloring procedures you will be able to look great in the early morning and late evening. There is no need to do eye makeup daily, apply and wash off mascara. Coloring will help visually give the lashes volume, and attractiveness to your eyes.

Prices eyelash coloring

Eyelash tinting 30AED

How is the coloring of eyelashes done at the salon?

A cream is applied to the skin of the eyelids, it is closed with special cotton pads. The specialist carefully applies the coloring composition of the desired shade to the eyelashes. After a few minutes, the coloring composition is washed off. The effect of the procedure lasts up to 4 weeks.

If necessary, you can repeat it regularly.

Eyelashes coloring benefits

  • You can do not use mascara if you wish
  • Rich shade of eyelashes
  • Clear contour of the lashes and expressiveness of the look
  • No need to fix your makeup
  • Eyelash coloring has natural ingredients that gentle on the lashes